Professional Spanish Course (Business, Tourism, Medicine …)


This course is to improve and enhance your level of Spanish, in addition to developing your knowledge, vocabulary and expression about your work, company, business trips …

If you already speak “B1 or B2” Spanish and want to continue to speak better in Spanish and expand your knowledge on specific topics …, (Companies, Business, Tourism, Administration, Medicine, Work …), with this course you will achieve it, you will be able to develop your skills and after the course you will be able to speak in a professional way on specific topics.

We will study in a fun, efficient and fast way.

After doing the course you will be totally independent to understand and speak Spanish without problems, you will have a real and effective command of Spanish to communicate about the new topics studied.
Every day we will see something new, every day we will speak a lot in Spanish, only by speaking will you develop your skills to communicate in another language.

I will give you all the material you need, (grammar, theory and exercises), VOCABULARY specific to your work (travel, business, administration, medicine, tourism … ..), videos, texts to read and speak in class together, topics of present…

Cheer up)))
I wait for you.

The course includes:
Videos, readings, audios….
Grammar and vocabulary cards….

Once you acquire your course you have to download, fill out and send us the following PDF to the email