Spanish Course A0 – B1 INTENSIVE 5 month


Curso A1 + A2 + B1       INTENSIVE

This A1 / A2 course is designed for absolute beginners. Students will learn to introduce themselves, as well as to ask and answer personal questions (nationality, city, profession, telephone number, address, describe my family and its members, appearance, character, shopping in a store….

Regarding grammar, conjugate regular / irregular verbs, reflexives … in the present and past perfect, use the verbs ser and estar, tener, gusta, haber … and the gender of nouns and adjectives, numbers, interrogatives, adverbs, indefinite quantitative ( many, few, enough, several, nothing), of frequency (always, never, sometimes….)

This A2 course is designed for beginners who already have knowledge of Spanish. At this level, students understand basic phrases and expressions. They reach a level where they are able to describe their past experiences (vacations, trips, memories …), as well as to give orders, advise and learn to make plans for the future. Can express feelings, pain future ideas. You will be able to start a conversation in a supermarket and in a restaurant, and also describe my health problems to the doctor… ..In terms of grammar, I understand the Past Perfect Tense and I know the difference between this time and the Indefinite Past Tense. I can use verbs to express obligations and wishes…

After completing this level, the student could travel to a Spanish-speaking country, request information and have much more developed conversations than in the previous level. (airport, shops, city, restaurants, information, exchange information with other people …)

The B1 level student knows how to deal with most of the situations that may arise during a trip and is able to write coherent texts on topics that are familiar to him or of interest to her. She can describe experiences, events, and wishes, as well as justify opinions.

In this course, you will develop your knowledge about the past, present, future, conditional and of course, the present and imperfect subjunctive, new expressions and vocabulary, you will be able to communicate fluently on different topics, you will perfect the difference between the two past tenses. Imperfect and Indefinite … After completing this course you will be independent to travel, read newspapers, watch series, movies and have conversations with natives about topics that you know to a medium-high degree.

The course includes:
Videos, readings, audios….
Grammar and vocabulary cards….

Once you acquire your course you have to download, fill out and send us the following PDF to the

Course content

  • FUTURE (Go to + infinitive and future simple)
  • Conditional
  • Present subjunctive
  • VOCABULARY (home, professions, city, family, travel, work, food…)
  • Review of past tenses in indicative and subjunctive
  • Prepositions
  • The indirect object
  • The comparison
  • Audios, videos and readings
  • ……..