Spanish Course B1 – B2


If you have already studied Spanish, you can speak and you want to increase your level and ability to express yourself in Spanish, this is your course, because we will review all the knowledge you already have in your head, and then develop it until you reach a B1 / B2 level of Spanish, that is, being independent to read, watch movies, listen to, understand Spanish and be able to TALK with people who speak Spanish.

The B1 level student knows how to deal with most of the situations that may arise during a trip and is able to write coherent texts on topics that are familiar to him or of interest to her. He can describe experiences, events, and wishes, as well as justify opinions. In this course, you will develop your knowledge about the past, present, future, conditional and of course, the present and imperfect subjunctive, new expressions and vocabulary, you will be able to communicate fluently on different topics, you will perfect the difference between the two past tenses. Imperfect and Indefinite … After completing this course you will be independent to travel, read newspapers, watch series, movies and have conversations with natives about topics that you know to a medium-high degree.

The B2 level user can interact with native speakers fluently and naturally, so that communication is effortless. He is capable of writing clear and detailed texts on various topics as well as defending a point of view, as well as having the ability to study in Spain by having a deep knowledge and command of the Spanish language. You will be able to write and understand advertisements and headlines in magazines and television shows. You will understand the media news in modern life, sayings and expressions. You will be able to transmit the words of another person. You will be able to easily describe my first impression of someone, formulate requirements and wishes for a vacation destination.In grammatical terms, you will be able to use the passive voice, imperative with direct and indirect pronouns, imperfect subjunctive, indirect speech, as well as using Past Perfect Plusquamperfect of Subjunctive (I would have or would have sung) and Compound Conditional (I would have sung).

I will give you all the materials that we will use, books, videos, vocabulary cards, audios, exercises for home, games….

My classes are very fun and 100% effective.
Every day we will see new things and we will speak a lot in Spanish.


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2 or 3 classes a week depending on your availability

The course includes:
Videos, readings, audios….
Grammar and vocabulary cards…

Once you acquire your course you have to download, fill out and send us the following PDF to the email

Course content

  • FUTURE (Go to + infinitive and future simple)
  • Conditional
  • Present, imperfect and Perfect SUBJUNCTIVE
  • VOCABULARY (home, professions, city, family, travel, work, food…)
  • Review of past tenses in indicative and subjunctive
  • Story to read
  • Audios, videos and readings